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College Education – Do You Need It Or Not?

If you are still undecided about whether or not you should go to college, the information in this article will help you to make … Read more »

The Story of Life: Everything Happens for a Reason

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, … Read more »

The Big Secret and Questions About Kids and Money

Teaching kids early about great money habits isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. It just needs to be done consciously with … Read more »

Q&A: My Experience as a College Graduate

A few months back I was asked to do a Q&A on my experience as a 1st generation college graduate. Unfortunately it never made … Read more »

Be Thankful

Learn a prayer for gratitude Here is a good one I found at Zen Habits via Be Thankful Be thankful that you don’t … Read more »

Tip 10: How To Get A Scholarship To Help Pay For College

Get yourself the S.A.P. – the Scholarship Acquisition Potential By SAP, I mean to include all the various capabilities you need in order to … Read more »

Tip 9: How To Get The Most Financial Aid

The foremost step in procuring maximum financial aid is determining the amount of aid you would likely want. Make an estimate of the entire … Read more »

Tip 8: Preparing For College Financially

There are several ways that you can prepare for college and the first one begins by saving money as early as possible. There are … Read more »

Tip 7: How to Interview Successfully

Scared of college interviews? Don’t be! Just read on, you’ll find how you can perform well in your interview and impress admissions! Here’s a … Read more »

Tip 6: How To Successfully Apply To College

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to the college or colleges that you are going to apply to, you need to begin gathering the … Read more »

Tip 5: How To Construct A Successful Application

After all the thinking and re-thinking, you have finally decided on the college of your choice. Congratulations!! Do you know that you are about … Read more »

List of State Departments of Education

Here’s a link to a website that includes links to each state’s education agency website with information on curricula, finances, test scores, and professional … Read more »

Tip 4: Choosing The Right College

I’m sorry for the delay in posting Tip 4. I was away from my computer most of the day yesterday, due to travel. Here’s … Read more »

Tip 3: Planning For College

Colleges are located throughout the country and in all types of communities from small, rural towns to large cities. Some colleges have tens of … Read more »

Tip 2: Prepare For College Academically

Now is the prefect time to begin thinking about college and how you or your child can prepare academically. Students & Parents: There are … Read more »

Tip 1: What Type of Education Do You Want?

Before you can determine how to choose the college that best meets your needs, you must first understand the type of education you want. … Read more » Guide to Financial Aid

Given the burden of rising tuition costs, had put together this guide to explain the various financing options available, including information on how … Read more »

Struggling With Student Loan Debt? Here’s Help

Thirty-seven million Americans carry some student loan debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The average amount for 2012 was just … Read more »

What Every College Student Should be Doing on LinkedIn

Given the constant presence of social media in the lives of young adults, it’s a wonder LinkedIn isn’t exploited more by college students. Despite … Read more »

How Education Technology Empowers People with Disabilities

Photo via Wikimedia Commons The Cornell University Online Resource for U.S. Disability Statistics estimates that there are about 54 million people currently living in … Read more »

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